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Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Viveiro do Nordeste

The proximity of the historical centre of the village of Nordeste and the existence of fitness equipment, combined with a pleasant picnic area and traditional wood burning ovens, turn this Park into an attractive choice for many visitors.

Right at the entrance of the Nature Reserve & Recreation Park there is an extensive nursery, and the plots divided by azaleas — which bloom in spring — make this the largest nursery for the production of endemic plants in the Azores. The conditions of this infrastructure also allow visitors to follow the growth of several autochthon and endemic forest species, whose purpose is to promote the revival of the natural habitats of the Azores.
Infrastructures in Nature Reserve & Recreation Park:


Forest Information Centres
Bird Enclosure
Deer Enclosure
Children´s Playground
Picnic Area




Serviço Florestal do Nordeste
Rua do Poceirão s/n
9630 - 171 Nordeste
Tel.: 296 480 570
Opening times:

From 1 May to 30 September
From Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 12h00 PM
Weekend and Holidays
10h00 AM to 12h00 PM

From 1 October to 30 April
From Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 9h30 PM
Weekend and Holidays
10h00 AM to 9h30 PM
GPS coordinates:
 37º 49' 45.128'' N
-25º 08' 54.289'' W