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Direção Regional dos Recursos Florestais

Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Cerrado dos Bezerros

400 meters, roughly, above sea level and approximately halfway between the villages of Vila Franca do Campo and Furnas, the Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Cerrado dos Bezerros is cut from the neighbouring  Forest Nursery by the regional road.

The Reserve was created in the 1960s and displays a large variety of exotic trees — and a fine balance between hardwoods and conifers. Over the years, recreational equipment has been added to the Reserve, popular among visitors and inhabitants of the island, who enjoy the cool shade from its trees.



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Infrastructures in Nature Reserve & Recreation Park:



Forest Ranger´s House

Deer Enclosure

Bird Enclosure

Children´s Playground

Picnic Area




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Serviço Florestal de Ponta Delgada
Rua do Contador, 23
9500 - 050 Ponta Delgada
Tel.: 296 204 600
Opening times:

Winter Time
from 16 October to 14 April
Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 4h00 PM
Weekends and Holidays
10h00 AM to 5h00 PM

Summer Time
from 15 April to 15 October
Monday to Friday
08h00 AM to 7h00 PM
Weekends and Holidays
09h00 AM to 8h00 PM
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GPS coordinates:
 37º 44' 38.347'' N
-25º 21' 56.263'' W