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Direção Regional dos Recursos Florestais

Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Capelo

The Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Capelo is located in the namesake parish, close to the regional road no. 1. Its 80 hectares are implanted in an area known as ‘Mistério do Capelo’ (Mystery of Capelo), which is part of the Nature Park of the island of Faial, known for the variety of protected species. The woods comprise mainly pine trees and Morella faya; the pine is an exotic species, brought to the island for the production of wood, but the Morella faya is a species abundant in the native flora of the island and its name may have given origin to the name of the island.

Among the several leisure equipments present in the park, the Fallow deer exhibition and a typical house of the island of Faial (bearing traditional artefacts made of wood which were used in everyday life by the rural population) welcome visitors, who can also enjoy a large choice of walking trails, which will allow them full contact with biodiversity and the beauty of the surrounding Nature.


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Infrastrutures in Nature Reserve & Recreation Park:



Rural Cottage

Deer Enclosure

Picnic Area

Children´s Playground





Serviço Florestal do Faial
Rua Comendador Ernesto Rebelo, 2
9900 - 112 Horta
Tel.: 292 200 190
Opening times:

From 1 June to 30 September
From Monday to Friday
08h30 AM to 4h30 PM
Weekend and Holidays
08h30 AM to 9h00 PM

From 1 to 31 August
08h30 AM to 9h00 PM

From 1 October to 31 May
08h30 AM to 4h30 PM

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GPS coordinates:

 38º 35' 03.498'' N
-28º 47' 03.091'' W