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Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Boca da Baleia


The Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Boca da Baleia, considered as a space for multiple use and special ability for recreation and leisure activities close to nature, comes through the Regional Legislative Decree n. º 16/89/A of August 30, 1989. Is located at a place called Boca da Baleia, near of the Regional Road, municipality of Lajes das Flores and extends in an area of 5.7 ha. It is a space that provides for the users recreational conditions and leisure activities, as well as the practice of physical and sporting activities near to nature through trails, playground, picnic area and maintenance circuit.

Regarding the fauna of the reserve , wild birds , whose songs can be heard and appeals stand out from the blackbird (Turdus merula azorensis), little star (Regulus regulus inermis), chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs moreletti), wagtail (Motacilla cinerea patriciae) and some cynegetic species such as wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and woodcock (Scolopax rusticola).

In relation to flora, here you can see various species of trees and shrubs, mostly exotic species such as camellias, hibiscus, azaleas, cryptomeria, camacíparis, and cedars. In the Azorean endemic flora stand out azevinho (Ilex azorica), cedro do mato (Juniperus brevifolia), folhado (Viburnum treleasei), pau branco (Picconia azorica), sanguinho (Fangula azorica), urze (Erica azorica) and uva da serra (Vaccinium cylindraceum).

Besides this recreational space and leisure, reservation integrates forest nursery, with an approximate area of 1 ha, directed to the production of plants.


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Infrastructures in Nature Reserve & Recreation Park:

Picnic Area

Children´s Playground




Serviço Florestal das Flores e Corvo
Rua do Senador André Freitas, 8
9970 - 337 Santa Cruz das Flores
Tel.: 292 590 370
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GPS coordinates:
 39º 23' 33.810'' N
-31º 12' 26.600'' W